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Logging Again

Last week I posted about our sawmill experience here on the farm but I didn’t get a chance to share my photos and video of loading the logs that we were able to sell. Making our own lumber has turned out to be a rather SLOW, but very rewarding experience! I can’t wait to post photos of the final product of what we (and by WE, I mean the guys of course!) build with it. 🙂

The logs we sold consisted of mainly walnut (seems to be a very high demand for it right now) and some white oak. The process of loading them on to the log truck took the guys all day and looked a little dangerous to me! Still, it was pretty interesting to watch.

My father-in-law, Dean, and bro-in-law, Daniel, having way too much fun!

Uncle Ellis operating the tractor while Dean and Daniel help with the unloading!