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The Farmer and His Wife…..Take a Cruise!

Last month, my hubby surprised me by telling me he wanted to take me on a vacation, preferably a cruise – in, get this, TWO WEEKS! Wow, was I ever shocked! Of course that’s the way it goes with us working on a dairy farm. If we can get away (which we are blessed to be able to do occasionally since we share the workload with Matt’s parents) it’s usually on rather short notice.

We had never taken a cruise before so I jumped online right away to learn as much as I possibly could about cruises……so much to figure out! In a few days, we were able to find the cruise / flight combo we were looking for and book our 3 night cruise to the Bahamas leaving out of Miami, FL. Ahhhhh, we were sooooo excited! Much to my surprise I had no anxiety about being on the ship, even though the stories of the wrecked Costa Concordia filled the news. The flight to Miami was the most stressful part – I have flown probably 10 times in my life, but I’m just not a fan, UGH.

Hard to believe that it’s already over and we’ve been back 3 weeks now. Overall it was a very good first cruise experience and we are so blessed and thankful for the opportunity to go on this trip!

Here are some of my favorite photos:

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