Social Media Interview Published in Progressive Dairyman!

If someone would have told me two and a half years ago when I started the Alpine Hills Dairy Farm Facebook page that it would one day have been mentioned on the radio, the DFA Leader Magazine, and now the Progressive Dairyman magazine I would have laughed my head off! Really??? When I got the idea to start the page, I knew very, very little about dairy farming. My husband and I had been married just a few months (we were not working at the farm at the time) and with all our visits to the farm I thought it would be a fun place to share pictures and updates. I felt that it would really be something that people who didn’t live on farms would enjoy reading and learning about. That seems like it has turned out to be true!

As time has gone on, and we starting working at the farm full-time (celebrated our 2nd anniversary working here last week!) I have been able to learn more first hand about dairy farm life and have been here to take more pictures to share. I have absolutely LOVED having the opportunity to manage the Facebook page! Thank you to all our loyal fans who continue to give me such great feedback and encouragement. 🙂

Below is the link to the article recently published online and in print in the Progressive Dairyman magazine. Special thanks to Emily Caldwell for taking all my jumbled thoughts (I get super excited talking about social media! Ha!) and putting them into one cohesive article. She did such a fabulous job and it was a great opportunity to get to meet her! Click the picture below for the link to the entire article or click here.


Moooo-tiful Cows: Photos on Display

A few of our lovely cows and calves launched their modeling careers last month……in Iowa!

Erin, a college student that works for the Central Plains Dairy Association in Iowa, was given the task of decorating for a dairy producer dinner  preceding the Central Plains Dairy Expo. Being a fan of our farm Facebook page, Erin contacted me to request permission to use some of my cow photos for her displays. I was happy to oblige since she was sweet enough to give me photo credit AND to promise to send me some pics of the end result. 🙂

Last week I got an email from her which included several pictures of the completed table decorations using some of our beautiful Brown Swiss cows’ photos. I thought she did a wonderful job! Thanks Erin, for your work in the dairy industry!

Surprise! Barrel Trains

Last month at the Dairy Farmers of America Annual Meeting in Kansas City, MO my husband and I by chance (or more like Providence 🙂 ) met a wonderful couple who have changed our farm tour business forever. Upon meeting this couple we found out that they operate a pumpkin patch and tours on their farm in Conway, MO called Gunter Farms Pumpkin Patch. I, of course, piped right up and started peppering them with questions and exchanging ideas about our dairy tour / pumpkin farm businesses.

What an amazingly sweet couple they were! They stood and talked to us for almost two hours about the in’s and out’s of their pumpkin patch operation. One thing that we were especially excited about was the Barrel Train rides that they offer – we had seen these in action before and thought they were SOOOO COOL! They told us that their son designed and built these for their farm. My husband got the son’s number and called him right away. Fast forward a month, and woah-la………we are now proud owners of 12 super fun barrel train cars!!!!

On Wednesday, we were able to surprise our first Spring Dairy Tour group of the season (140 kindergarteners) with our brand spankin’ new barrel trains!  What a hit they were! We are so excited to be able to share them this fall as well during Country Pumpkins with our guests where we will be offering Barrel Train rides (for kids) along with hayrides for the whole family. It’s an exciting year ahead!

To view the photo highlights of our first Spring Dairy Tour at Alpine Hills Dairy Farm of the season, click here.

Riding in the Big Green Tractor

Even though I’m not really a Country Music fan, we still included Jason Aldean’s “Big Green Tractor” song in our wedding slideshow over 2.5 years ago. Why? Because I absolutely LOVE riding in the tractor with my husband and it’s such a cute song!

On that note, I’m also a huge fan of my favorite comedian’s, Tim Hawkins, spoof on the Big Green Tractor song. It’s absolutely hilarious and worth a listen!

It’s been dry this week, so the guys have been very busy working all of our corn ground. I’ve gotten to ride with my husband several afternoons and it brought back some fun memories from the summer that we were dating / engaged (we went fast – met in January and married in October!). That particular summer I remember riding with him for 8 hours straight one day……talk about a sore backside! Ha ha! Those are wonderful memories none the less.

My view out the front of the tractor on our way to disk a field.

My view out the back of the tractor.

My husband, Matt, changing a tire on the disk.

A New Look

Our website had some updating done to it yesterday… me. 🙂 I was able to add some of the fabulous photos of our farm which were taken by SC Motion and Stills, LLC as part of our DFA Member of Distinction award. They definitely add some pizzaz to our site!

I also have added a Media page to the site with links to various videos and articles that Alpine Hills Dairy Farm was mentioned in. Feel free to check out our new look!

DFA Newsletter Article & Other Media Updates

I apologize for my lack of posts lately, my life has been SO crazy! More on that in days to come. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I made an announcement on our Facebook page that an article that Dairy Farmers of America had interviewed me for last summer was finally going to be published. I had several friends ask to see this article which was published in the March edition of the DFA Newsletter…….so here it is! Thanks for your interest in reading it – it means a lot!

Also, some more surprises are coming down the pike. Last week I was asked to help contribute to a Borden Cheese Friends of Elsie blog. What a fun experience! I expect that blog will be published sometime this month and I will be sure to share the link once it is available.

In addition, I believe our DFA Member of Distinction story will be coming out in a special edition of the DFA Leader magazine this month as well. Many exciting things going on here at our farm!

Thanks for reading,


An Amazing Award

With our field rep, Dave Moore.

Late late summer, we received a HUGE surprise! We were informed that we were selected as our dairy co-op’s (Dairy Farmers of America) Mideast Area Member of Distinction! We were thrilled of course, but honestly had no idea what that meant!  Ha! It truly has been a great honor and a fun experience starting with a photo shoot they came to our farm and did last October.

This past Monday – Wednesday DFA flew us to Kansas City, MO where we attended their 2012 Annual Meeting. Tuesday night my husband and I were honored to be able to accept the Member of Distinction award on behalf of Alpine Hills Dairy Farm and the Colson family. After waiting 5 months since the farm photo shoot they did for us, Tuesday night we were finally able to see some photos and a wonderful video they put together about the farm! It was very special. I so enjoyed listening to the 6 other Member of Distinction stories as well and learning about the outstanding things that they are doing on their farms.

Click here to view more photos of our farm and family from the DFA Member of Distinction photo shoot! I should have access to the video DFA put together about our farm in the next couple weeks.

We were so thankful to be able to attend the DFA Annual Meeting for the first time……for me the people were really the best part. We had a number of wonderful people come introduce themselves to us and share their knowledge. We are truly thankful.