Spring Dairy Tours

Our farm, Alpine Hills Dairy Farm in Dry Ridge, KY offers Spring Dairy Tours for school, churches, and other groups over 25 people. Our tours run April 1st – May 31st each year. We are passionate about teaching children and families in our community about where their milk comes from! We also host a pumpkin patch and dairy tours on our farm in the fall – you can visit www.countrypumpkinsky.com to learn more.

For just $6 a person, here are some of the fun and educational highlights that you group will enjoy:

  • Calf Nursery
  • Bottle Feed a Calf
  • Chick Hatching
  • Milk Molly Moo
  • Watch a Cow Milking Demonstration
  • Tour our Milk House and Milking Parlor
  • Learn about what our cows eat in Dairy Diet.
  • Visit our Petting Zoo.
  • Play in our Play Area, Corn Box (like a sandbox, only better!), and Straw Bale Maze.
  • Eat a picnic lunch in our Picnic Shelter.
  • Learn what a real veterinarian does during Dirty Jobs with Dr. Lipps.
  • Farm Equipment Exhibit
  • and More!

Please visit our website for more information!

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