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Sign of the Times

My hubby took me out for ice cream last night to celebrate Valentines Day after we finished the evening milking. That man knows how to make me happy! Ice cream is one of my greatest weaknesses…..I usually eat it at least once a DAY. Yes, I just admitted to that. No wonder I ended up on a dairy farm!

After ice cream, we stopped at the grocery store where Matt bought me some red, chewy candy (in this case Jelly Hearts) which is another one of my great weaknesses. Ha ha. Don’t you just love a husband who GETS you???

In our hunt through the seasonal aisle at the grocery we came upon this red heart cup that said “tweet me” on it. Cracked me up! I personally have not succumbed to the Twitter craze but I do have accounts set up for our dairy farm and for our pumpkin patch, Country Pumpkins. It’s pretty fun, but I’m far from an expert at it. I’m much more active on Facebook, so I just set my FB updates to go straight to my Twitter accounts. It’s nice and easy, plus saves time!

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Love in a Sunrise

Sunrise yesterday morning, 2/13/12

One of the biggest perks to being at the dairy barn every morning and evening is that I usually get to catch the sunrises and sunsets everyday. We are certainly blessed with some beautiful ones here at Alpine Hills Dairy Farm! I always try to keep an eye on the sky as I’m feeding calves or helping with the clean-up so I can snap a shot of the sunrise or sunset at it’s most beautiful point. I look forward to these moments each day, moments that I never stopped to enjoy before we started farming full-time.

Today on Valentine’s day, it occurred to me how much I feel God’s love for me when I see those beautiful skies. To think that He paints each one for us is certainly overwhelming. I read a story once on Pinterest that was a fabulous reminder to stop and look (or listen in this case) for the beauty around you. We so often just take it for granted. The story goes like this:

“Something To Think About. . . Washington, DC Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007. The man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time approx. 2 thousand people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After 3 minutes a middle aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds and then hurried to meet his schedule. 4 minutes later: The violinist received his first dollar: a woman threw the money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk. 6 minutes: A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again. 10 minutes: A 3-year old boy stopped but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head all the time. This action was repeated by several other children.. Every parent, without exception, forced their children to move on quickly.. 45 minutes: The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32. 1 hour: He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition. No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before Joshua Bell sold out a theater in Boston where the seats averaged $100. This is a true story. Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people’s priorities. The questions raised: *In a common place environment at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? *Do we stop to appreciate it? *Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context? One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this: If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made. How many other things are we missing?”

Take a moment to pause this Valentine’s Day and look for the beauty in your life.

Stunning jetstreams yesterday morning, 2/13/12

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Cookies with Mom

Saturday I had the opportunity to help my mom decorate some Valentine cookies for her adult Sunday School class. It was a blast! She found a new icing recipe that dried shiny and tasted fabulous. The colors turned out so vibrant and beautiful. Baking and decorating cookies is one of my favorite things to do, but SO time-consuming. If my mom hadn’t baked the cookies the day before we would have been decorating until midnight!

My talented and beautiful mother writing on the cookies.

They were soooo pretty! I’m glad there were enough for me to eat a few. 🙂