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Caption Contest!

One thing I have discovered from photographing our cows, is that it’s pretty easy to get a comical picture of them! They all have such unique personalities and are complete hams for the camera. In fact, because of their curious nature, they often come toward me when they see me with my camera out! Such divas!

Right now, we have a Caption Contest in progress on our Alpine Hills Dairy Farm Facebook page for this photo:

The contest ends at midnight tonight, Thursday, June 7th. Do you have any good caption ideas? I’d love to hear them! 🙂
Of course, I must honor our previous winners that we’ve had so far this year. I absolutely LOVE these photos and the great captions that our Facebook fans have come up with!

Thank you to Katie Taylor for this perfect caption!

Thank you to Brandon Severn for this hilarious caption!

Calving Season

We are getting geared up for one of the most exciting times of the year here at our farm – calving season! While most of our beef cows calved earlier this spring, almost all of our dairy cows will be calving in the next 4 months or so. For example, we have 11 babies due in June, 8 babies due in July, and another 11 due in August! You know what that means…..calf naming contests and lots of cute baby calf pics which I will be sharing on our farm Facebook page!

This sweet little Brown Swiss heifer was born several weeks ago to our heifer, Twitter. It’s fun to see how the times and technology start slowly affecting our cow names. 🙂 This little girl is long-legged and quite dainty. Her sire is the New Generation Genetics bull, Wonderment. One thing that I find completely irresistable about these babies is their HUGE ears. In this pic, one ear is stuck behind the gate. Must be hard having ears twice as wide as your head!

Moooo-tiful Cows: Photos on Display

A few of our lovely cows and calves launched their modeling careers last month……in Iowa!

Erin, a college student that works for the Central Plains Dairy Association in Iowa, was given the task of decorating for a dairy producer dinner  preceding the Central Plains Dairy Expo. Being a fan of our farm Facebook page, Erin contacted me to request permission to use some of my cow photos for her displays. I was happy to oblige since she was sweet enough to give me photo credit AND to promise to send me some pics of the end result. 🙂

Last week I got an email from her which included several pictures of the completed table decorations using some of our beautiful Brown Swiss cows’ photos. I thought she did a wonderful job! Thanks Erin, for your work in the dairy industry!

“Funny Cow Photo: “Wet Willy”

What a success our first “Caption This” Contest was that we held on our Alpine Hills Dairy Farm Facebook page! We had many hilarious captions submitted for this cow photo that I took last week. It certainly was one of those lucky moments when I snapped the photo at JUST the right time!

Last night we announced the winner of the Caption Contest, our fan Katie Taylor, who submitted “Wet Willy” for our photo. I pinned the photo to Pinterest, and I’ve already had around 95 repins and over 20 likes! How fun! Glad to see that everyone thinks Katie did as great of a job as we thought she did! 🙂

To pin this photo to your own Pinterest account, click the photo above or click the “Pin It” button below.

DFA Member of Distinction Video

Dairy Farmers of America and SC Motion and Stills, LLC did a fantastic job producing this video about our farm and our story as part of the DFA 2012 Member of Distinction award.

If you have a few minutes, please enjoy this video to learn more about us! 🙂

A Princess is Born!

I had the pleasure of watching this beautiful little heifer being born on Monday, March 19th right before my husband and I left for the DFA Annual Meeting in Kansas City, MO.  As I was packing for our trip that day, my husband called and asked me to check on our Holstein Chickadee who was in the process of calving. I have watched a few births in the past almost 2 years that we have been at the farm full-time, but this one was a little bit different. The mama seemed quite unaffected by the whole ordeal. She STOOD and munched on clover all but the last 5 seconds of pushing that baby out. Must have been some GOOD clover! It was a little bit concerning to watch because I wasn’t too anxious to watch a tiny newborn hit the ground! I was relieved to see the mama go down right before Cinderella slid the rest of the way out.  ha ha!

My husband says I saved the baby’s life by taking time to watch the birth for him. I kept in communication with him and was able to get him there as soon as she was born to remove the birth sac that happened to be covering her nose and mouth. (In all reality HE saved her life, because I certainly would not have known what to do! ha ha) He had to work with her a minute to get her breathing which was so terrifying to watch. She was just a little lifeless, completely still little body until I heard her take her first breath. That was absolutely the most beautiful, joyful moment you can imagine!!!

We decided to name her Cinderella sticking with the “C” theme of her mama’s name. She is now 9 days old, eating good and playing hard!

An Amazing Award

With our field rep, Dave Moore.

Late late summer, we received a HUGE surprise! We were informed that we were selected as our dairy co-op’s (Dairy Farmers of America) Mideast Area Member of Distinction! We were thrilled of course, but honestly had no idea what that meant!  Ha! It truly has been a great honor and a fun experience starting with a photo shoot they came to our farm and did last October.

This past Monday – Wednesday DFA flew us to Kansas City, MO where we attended their 2012 Annual Meeting. Tuesday night my husband and I were honored to be able to accept the Member of Distinction award on behalf of Alpine Hills Dairy Farm and the Colson family. After waiting 5 months since the farm photo shoot they did for us, Tuesday night we were finally able to see some photos and a wonderful video they put together about the farm! It was very special. I so enjoyed listening to the 6 other Member of Distinction stories as well and learning about the outstanding things that they are doing on their farms.

Click here to view more photos of our farm and family from the DFA Member of Distinction photo shoot! I should have access to the video DFA put together about our farm in the next couple weeks.

We were so thankful to be able to attend the DFA Annual Meeting for the first time……for me the people were really the best part. We had a number of wonderful people come introduce themselves to us and share their knowledge. We are truly thankful.

Kansas City Bound!

In just four days my husband and I head to Kansas City, MO for the Dairy Farmers of America Annual Meeting! We are excited to experience this event for the first time – and all expenses paid makes it even better! Last fall, we found out that our dairy farm, Alpine Hills Dairy Farm, was selected as a DFA Member of Distinction. It was hilarious at the time because we all had no clue what that meant or how we even won the award! We were and still are very honored to be chosen for this.

As part of the experience, DFA flew out a writer, and a photographer and his assistant to our farm last October. The writer, a sweet lady named Kara, interviewed each one of us to gather material for the article that will be published in the DFA Leader magazine sometime this spring. The photographer, Shaun Cloud, and his assistant Johanna, spent the entire day (at least 8 hours) filming and taking photos of the farm. They did anything for a great shot: climbed fences, laid in the mud, and even got licked but a few of our friendly Brown Swiss cows! They even came back a second day and shot photos and videos of one of our Country Pumpkins Dairy Tours in action! We have not seen any of these photos or videos yet (5 months is a LONG wait!) but I hear they want to surprise us with them at the convention next week. On Tuesday night there will be a banquet where they will play each of the Member of Distinctions’ videos and display some photos.

I plan on documenting this upcoming Annual Meeting experience from my trusty iPhone to our Alpine Hills Dairy Farm Facebook page. To get in on the updates, visit www.fb.com/alpinedairy and “like” our page. 🙂

Here are some “behind the scenes” photos of our Member of Distinction experience so far……

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Our Cows Are MOOOOvie Stars!

One of the amazing opportunities we were blessed with at Alpine Hills Dairy Farm last year was having a portion of KET’s “Kentucky Life” program filmed at our farm! They contacted us last spring and wanted to film “Dave Does It” (their version of Dirty Jobs)…..we were thrilled of course and quickly started brainstorming about some of the jobs we could have Dave do. It wasn’t hard to think of some dirty and even SUPER dirty (as you will see) jobs for Dave to try out at our dairy farm.

Filming day was such a fun experience. Dave Shuffett and a film crew from KET came and spent a few hours filming. I loved seeing how the whole process worked and watching my husband as he got to participate in a lot of the show. You’ll even seen me in there a little bit too. 🙂 Dave and the whole crew were such cool people – we really had a blast meeting them and working with them! Dave was a real sport – we couldn’t believe the things he tried on camera! Ha!

The show aired on KET multiple times last spring and will run occasional reruns for years. The program is also online – to watch our segment on the Dave Does It program click here. The link will take you to a video of the entire Kentucky Life episode, but if you want to watch our part specifically go to 10 min 45 seconds in and our 6 -7 min segment begins there.

A Sheep-Herding Bunny?

Recently my mom shared with me this ADORABLE YouTube video of a little bunny that had learned how to herd sheep. It is the cutest thing, I just had to share it!

We have talked a few times about getting a cow dog for here at Alpine Hills Dairy Farm. One of the jobs that the guys do several times a day is go out into the field where our dairy cows rest and sleep, round them up, and take them into the barn to eat and/or be milked. A cow dog would be a great help in this process! I wonder if we could train a bunny to round up cows…….hmmmmm. 🙂

Seriously though, if anyone has any cow dog expertise that you’d like to share, we’d be happy to hear it!