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It’s TEBOW Time!

Alpine Hills Brookings Tebow

I am by no means a football expert……let’s be honest, when I watch a football game the only part I really pay attention to is maybe the last two minutes! In spite of that I do know enough to realize that the Superbowl is over, that Tim Tebow didn’t play in it, etc…..but at our farm it’s still Tebow Time!

This handsome Brown Swiss bull was born to our cow Timeless (here’s a photo of her winning 1st Place 5 year old at the KY State Fair in 2011) a couple of weeks ago. His sire is the NGG bull, Brookings. While we wouldn’t have cried if he would have been born a girl (ha ha!) we are still excited to have such a handsome young bull with great genetics at our farm to raise up as our future herd bull.  Keeping with the “T” theme of his mother’s name, we decided the that name Tebow would be quite perfect for him. We would be thrilled if he became even half as famous as his namesake one day. I mean, there are some similarities……big, strong, and STUBBORN…….

I have experienced his stubbornness head on. This calf was so big and strong when he was born that it’s hard to believe that he didn’t beat Timeless to death while she was pregnant with him! Teaching him to nurse from a bottle was quite a challenge for the first few days of his life. He wanted that milk sooooo bad, but he couldn’t figure out how to get it in his belly,  so he basically just slammed himself into the person trying to feed him, hoping that he’d get milk somehow! I fed him a few times during these few days before he figured things out and it was the hardest workout of my life. Try wrestling an incredibly strong, insanely energetic 115-120 pound bull calf sometime – it’s an experience you’ll never forget! In the end though, I’m proud to say that these wrestling matches (aka “feeding time”) resulted in a score of TEBOW = 0   SHELLEY = 1. I won! 🙂

It didn’t take long for Tebow to get the bottle-feeding thing down. Within a few days he was drinking like a champ without beating me up in the process. I love my job.