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Logging Again

Last week I posted about our sawmill experience here on the farm but I didn’t get a chance to share my photos and video of loading the logs that we were able to sell. Making our own lumber has turned out to be a rather SLOW, but very rewarding experience! I can’t wait to post photos of the final product of what we (and by WE, I mean the guys of course!) build with it. 🙂

The logs we sold consisted of mainly walnut (seems to be a very high demand for it right now) and some white oak. The process of loading them on to the log truck took the guys all day and looked a little dangerous to me! Still, it was pretty interesting to watch.

My father-in-law, Dean, and bro-in-law, Daniel, having way too much fun!

Uncle Ellis operating the tractor while Dean and Daniel help with the unloading! 

Sawing Logs!

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The guys at our farm, Alpine Hills Dairy Farm , are always getting into some kind of new project! (As if taking care of and milking 70 cows twice a day wasn’t enough!) In January, we logged portions of the farm intending to sell the Walnut and Ash trees to a company. In the process we cut down some red and white oaks that we later found out that the company would not buy from us. Perfect opportunity for us to try our hand at making our own rough cut lumber! A friend rented us out this awesome saw mill and the guys were soon at work. I quickly realized that fresh cut lumber is one of the most beautiful, earthy smells in the world. I love it! We will soon be using this lumber in a project that will enhance our facilities for our Spring Dairy Tours and Country Pumpkins Fall Festival – can’t wait to make the formal announcement about that! 🙂

Watch the sawmill in action!