Social Media Interview Published in Progressive Dairyman!

If someone would have told me two and a half years ago when I started the Alpine Hills Dairy Farm Facebook page that it would one day have been mentioned on the radio, the DFA Leader Magazine, and now the Progressive Dairyman magazine I would have laughed my head off! Really??? When I got the idea to start the page, I knew very, very little about dairy farming. My husband and I had been married just a few months (we were not working at the farm at the time) and with all our visits to the farm I thought it would be a fun place to share pictures and updates. I felt that it would really be something that people who didn’t live on farms would enjoy reading and learning about. That seems like it has turned out to be true!

As time has gone on, and we starting working at the farm full-time (celebrated our 2nd anniversary working here last week!) I have been able to learn more first hand about dairy farm life and have been here to take more pictures to share. I have absolutely LOVED having the opportunity to manage the Facebook page! Thank you to all our loyal fans who continue to give me such great feedback and encouragement. 🙂

Below is the link to the article recently published online and in print in the Progressive Dairyman magazine. Special thanks to Emily Caldwell for taking all my jumbled thoughts (I get super excited talking about social media! Ha!) and putting them into one cohesive article. She did such a fabulous job and it was a great opportunity to get to meet her! Click the picture below for the link to the entire article or click here.


An Exciting Opportunity!!!

Last week I had the exciting opportunity to guest blog for the Friends of Elsie Borden Cheese Blog!

Borden Cheese is not only delicious,  it is 100% farmer owned – that means when you buy Borden Cheese 100% of the proceeds go back to American dairy farm families! Pretty cool, huh?

I would be so honored if you took a moment to read my post on the Friend of Elsie blog that was published yesterday. Click this link to check it out!

Many thanks to DFA for recommending me, and to Kelly Goss, Director of Public Relations at Sullivan Higdon and Sink in Kansas City for helping this blog post become a reality.

DFA Newsletter Article & Other Media Updates

I apologize for my lack of posts lately, my life has been SO crazy! More on that in days to come. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I made an announcement on our Facebook page that an article that Dairy Farmers of America had interviewed me for last summer was finally going to be published. I had several friends ask to see this article which was published in the March edition of the DFA Newsletter…….so here it is! Thanks for your interest in reading it – it means a lot!

Also, some more surprises are coming down the pike. Last week I was asked to help contribute to a Borden Cheese Friends of Elsie blog. What a fun experience! I expect that blog will be published sometime this month and I will be sure to share the link once it is available.

In addition, I believe our DFA Member of Distinction story will be coming out in a special edition of the DFA Leader magazine this month as well. Many exciting things going on here at our farm!

Thanks for reading,


Kansas City Bound!

In just four days my husband and I head to Kansas City, MO for the Dairy Farmers of America Annual Meeting! We are excited to experience this event for the first time – and all expenses paid makes it even better! Last fall, we found out that our dairy farm, Alpine Hills Dairy Farm, was selected as a DFA Member of Distinction. It was hilarious at the time because we all had no clue what that meant or how we even won the award! We were and still are very honored to be chosen for this.

As part of the experience, DFA flew out a writer, and a photographer and his assistant to our farm last October. The writer, a sweet lady named Kara, interviewed each one of us to gather material for the article that will be published in the DFA Leader magazine sometime this spring. The photographer, Shaun Cloud, and his assistant Johanna, spent the entire day (at least 8 hours) filming and taking photos of the farm. They did anything for a great shot: climbed fences, laid in the mud, and even got licked but a few of our friendly Brown Swiss cows! They even came back a second day and shot photos and videos of one of our Country Pumpkins Dairy Tours in action! We have not seen any of these photos or videos yet (5 months is a LONG wait!) but I hear they want to surprise us with them at the convention next week. On Tuesday night there will be a banquet where they will play each of the Member of Distinctions’ videos and display some photos.

I plan on documenting this upcoming Annual Meeting experience from my trusty iPhone to our Alpine Hills Dairy Farm Facebook page. To get in on the updates, visit and “like” our page. 🙂

Here are some “behind the scenes” photos of our Member of Distinction experience so far……

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Sign of the Times

My hubby took me out for ice cream last night to celebrate Valentines Day after we finished the evening milking. That man knows how to make me happy! Ice cream is one of my greatest weaknesses…..I usually eat it at least once a DAY. Yes, I just admitted to that. No wonder I ended up on a dairy farm!

After ice cream, we stopped at the grocery store where Matt bought me some red, chewy candy (in this case Jelly Hearts) which is another one of my great weaknesses. Ha ha. Don’t you just love a husband who GETS you???

In our hunt through the seasonal aisle at the grocery we came upon this red heart cup that said “tweet me” on it. Cracked me up! I personally have not succumbed to the Twitter craze but I do have accounts set up for our dairy farm and for our pumpkin patch, Country Pumpkins. It’s pretty fun, but I’m far from an expert at it. I’m much more active on Facebook, so I just set my FB updates to go straight to my Twitter accounts. It’s nice and easy, plus saves time!

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